Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walk For Darfur March 2009

Who are those crazies out trying to save the world at 7am on a Sunday morning?
Super Heroes Connie and Dolly! LOL


It's 7:30 am, are we all present and accounted for. No, it appears one of us is missing. Lynne (obviously the smarter one) is still comfy, cozy in her warm car!

The walk begins and we're all off!

At the half way 2 mile marker someone is conspicuously missing from the team. Yes, it's true our team captain, Dolly, the one that motivated everyone to participate, pooped out, only walked half the way, sat on a bench and waited for everyone else to walk the whole route. We're very disappointed in her! haha

Guess who had this great idea "Let's climb a tree and take a picture!"
I'll give you a hint; she's the blond in the picture supervising! And I'm pretty sure Diane is stuck hanging from that tree!

Yippee! All goofing off aside, we all made it to the finish line and we helped a worthy cause!

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